You View The World the Way You View Yourself

The way you view the world and other people is in direct correlation of how you view yourself. If you don’t trust others its because you don’t believe in yourself. If you see situations as never quite right, or can always find the negative in a circumstance, it’s because you see yourself as flawed on a deep level. If you are angered or annoyed easily it’s because deep down you feel out of control in yourself, so you try to control external circumstances to make up for your own insecurities. If you are constantly sitting in judgement of other people or their lives it’s because you not only are judging yourself, but you also fear others are judging you. Your perspective about yourself is shaping how you deal with other people. The sooner you realize this… the sooner you can start transforming the relationships you have with other people and with yourself. When you truly love yourself, people anger you less, they annoy you less, you trust people, you see the positive in people and situations, you stop being cynical and frustrated and start going with the flow. Have an amazing day 

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