A Different Way to Approach Addiction

In order to succeed in overcoming an addiction, We need to change the way we approach the addiction. And that includes addiction to Anything and everything. Addiction to drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, food, relationships etc… If there is something that you continuously do that is having negative effects on your life and you KNOW that it is effecting your life negatively but you do it anyway, this is a sign that you may be addicted. What most people do is they feel bad about themselves for doing what they believe in their head to be “wrong”, they beat themselves up and get mad at themselves for giving in to their temptations. This is the perfect recipe to keep yourself in the addiction cycle. The root cause of addiction is fear, fear of” if I don’t get this thing that I assume will make me happier when I have it, I fear if I don’t do or get it that I will be unhappy”, so we give in to the addiction, once we have given into the addiction, the ego starts with the new thought pattern “ughhhh.. you gave in again! you have no willpower! you are such a failure! Why cant you just stop?!” The ego fights the initial “fear” with more “fear”, but this time it is the fear of not being strong enough to stop, hence the horrible merry go round of the addiction cycle. What you need to do is stop beating yourself up, because when you FEEL bad about yourself, you will do bad, but when you FEEL good about yourself, you will do good. All you need to do in order to do this is rewrite the story that your ego is telling you in your brain that is keeping you in the addiction cycle. Most people are telling themselves “I am bad, I am a failure, I have no strength, there fore I will PUNISH myself by taking away the thing I perceive is making me this ‘failure'” So this is where they are are when they are trying to quit doing the habit, The new thought pattern should be “I eat healthy because it makes me feel amazing. I don’t smoke because I love myself. I don’t do drugs because I love who I am without them…” When we switch the focus to doing something out of LOVE instead of punishment, it changes the energy in our body completely! And don’t feel bad when you slip up or make mistakes, these types of things don’t generally happen overnight! LOVE YOURSELF NO MATTER WHAT, this is the BEST thing you can ever do from yourself. When you love yourself, you rise to a higher vibration and the addiction drops away NATURALLY!! I hope this helps someone, I love you guys 


  1. Linee

    You literally said everything my heart has felt but couldn’t express in words. And it also explains why I don’t like the more traditional approach to addiction. I just wish I knew how to take this realization and apply it. I mean, just because I know I’m running from myself and I know I have a hard time loving certain parts of myself doesn’t mean I’m somehow going to start appreciating the worst parts of me. I just want to know how to be happy….without relying on people or things to make me happy. How do I start loving and accepting the bits and pieces of my personality, of my being when I just want those parts gone. That side of me ruined my life and forced me to the situation I’m in today, how can I love that?

    1. alifethatyoulove

      The only thing to do is to be aware of your perceived “shortcomings”, literally break it down to the lowest possible level. So you said, “I know I have a hard time loving myself”… just stay in the “what is”. The what is is that you have a hard time loving yourself, then break that down to WHAT it is that is supposedly “imperfect” about you. Any thoughts of iimperfection are always stemming from the ego, since your true self is already perfect and is already love, so it doesn’t need to seek outside of it for what it already is. You are not your thoughts, which means you don’t have to identify with every thought you have as the absolute truth, the only thing to do is to be aware of them and see them as the illusory self. So let’s say you have thoughts of “I”m an addict, I’m a terrible person, I’m stupid…” whatever it is.. just be aware of the thoughts, just because they are crossing your mind doesn’t mean you have to believe them. Once you start giving your attention and energy to thoughts of a more loving nature, the ego stops fighting with you, and more loving thoughts start to amplify. Look into the tapping method too.. this is a great way to break through old thought patterns. Even if you are still in your addiction, just surrender to it.. Soon the addiction will drop away naturally because you will vibrating at a frequency so high that the addiction no longer resonates with you. All you need to do is focusing on loving yourself NO MATTER WHAT. HOpe this helps 🙂 Thx for writing me!

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