The Ego is the Ultimate Storyteller

Your ego is a mastermind at creating stories about your life. And these stories that we constantly tell ourselves in our head are what become our beliefs, which eventually manifest as our outer reality. Think about how many stories you tell yourself on a daily basis regarding every situation that occurs. It could be job related, “ugh my boss is so lazy! He/She makes me do everything!” Or it could be relationship related.. “He/she never puts any effort into this relationship, I’m sick of it!” Or it could be family related, “my family never helps me do anything around here! I have to do everything!”. Yes it is true, that this is the way you may FEEL at the time, but feelings do not equal truth. The reality is that every single person has their own perspective or “truth” that they are operating from, so while you may see one situation one way, they may see it another. Which means blaming people is pointless. Use your feelings as guideposts for 2 things: 1. To show you where in your life you are lacking acceptance of a situation, or no totally loving yourself. You will manifest situations that are mirroring back to you what you need to work on INTERNALLY, so use your feelings wisely. 2. To show you when your time with a situation, person, place has expired. If feelings are used in a healthy manner they can propel us forward in our lives & help us to let go of situations that we may be holding on to b/c of fear. Have an awesome day!!

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