The Law of Attraction Works Both Ways

The law of attraction doesn’t just work one way. You don’t get to say, “oh yeah, all that good shit that happened, I attracted that.. But all that stuff that was bad, that was someone else’s fault, I didn’t attract that! It just happened!” Whether you realize it or not, EVERY. SINGLE. THING. That happens to you is a result of your beliefs & vibrational frequency, EVERYTHING. The rude cashier @ the store, yeah you attracted that, the car wreck you got in, you attracted that, the lottery ticket you won $$ on, you attracted that too. So now you’re thinking, “why would I attract things I DONT want? I didn’t WANT to deal with a rude cashier, so why would I manifest that??” You attract “bad” or low vibrational situations to show yourself what you need to work on still, maybe you want to be taught a lesson in patience, so you subconsciously create a situation where u get to practice patience, Ahaaa.. Now do u get it? It’s not that you’re punishing yourself by attracting “bad” situations, it’s that you’re giving yourself a chance to react in a more loving manner. Every time you choose love over anger, or judgement or whatever, you raise your vibration. & therefore start attracting higher vibrational situations.#nothingbadeverhappens #itsallmeanttomakeuabetterperson

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