Addicted to Negativity?

Sometimes when you’ve lived with negative emotions for so long you can become addicted to them. You turn your negative outlook on life into your “badge of honor” so to speak. It becomes so ingrained in your psyche that it actually becomes your sense of self. A sign of this is When we continuously put up with situations that make us unhappy, and we have the POWER to change them, but we don’t. If something or someone or somewhere is causing you unhappiness, frustration, grief etc.. and you have the power to change this, why don’t you? When you start approaching life from the perspective that you have not only CREATED every situation yourself, but you have allowed it to continue for as long as it has, you will EMPOWER yourself. If you constantly are blaming “them” or “it” or “that place”, you have placed yourself in victim mode. You have placed your happiness in the hands of another thing or place or person. And when you do this you will NEVER be satisfied. Really monitor your thoughts, think about what things you are complaining about or feeling less than purely grateful about and ask yourself: “If this thing is making me unhappy, do I have the power to change it?” If the answer is yes, CHANGE IT! If the answer is no, then see how you can come to terms with it, and switch your perspective to that of gratitude. NOTHING is ever as bad as our minds want to make it out to be. You deserve nothing less than happiness, God did not put you on this earth to be miserable. Love yourself, empower yourself, trust yourself, believe in yourself. It all starts WITHIN. I love you guys  Have an amazing day!!

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