Stress Will Become Disease and Illness

If you don’t believe that your thoughts alone can cause you to manifest illness and disease in your body, try this: close your eyes and spend one minute saying every negative thing you can think of, for example: , ” I’m so mad” “I’m so pissed off” “Today is so terrible”, ” I cant stand anyone’… etc… now try the same thing and say things like: “I’m so happy”, “life is so wonderful” “everything is working out for the best”… Do you feel how your muscles immediately untighten? Your chest feels lighter and not as tense? Your back muscles immediately relax? Some people live their entire day pissed off or worried about the future, the cells in your body have no choice but to react off the energy you are feeding it. Negative energy will not create postive outcomes. Start your day by saying daily affirmations over and over. Pretty soon your positive affirmations will be embedded in your subconscious and your body will have no choice but to manifest your new postive belief system. The pharmaceutical companies don’t want you to know your own power of healing your own body! As long as you stay sick, they make money… Take back your power 

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