Thoughts Become Beliefs Which Will Manifest as Outer Reality

The problem is: something happens to you that you didn’t “plan”, your ego files this event under the “things that have gone wrong” file. Then a thought pattern gets established.. “I’m so unlucky”, “all these bad things happen to me”, “everyone else seems so happy & I’m not”.. This establishes a belief system of victim mentality…which attracts to it other events that are in vibrational sync with your beliefs. Low vibration (negative) attracts low vibration. All it takes is a shift in perspective.. See the BLESSING in everything. Think of every “bad” thing that has ever happened to you, I’m 100% positive you can think of SOMETHING positive that has happened as a direct cause of this “bad” event. That proves the point.. There is never anything that is ALL bad or ALL good, it’s always for your greater good, so stop worrying  life gives you whatever you need for your emotional, mental & spiritual growth… Have an awesome Sunday!!

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