There’s Always a Silver Lining

I’ve never had one “bad” thing happen to me that wasn’t ultimately for my greater good. In fact, the more TERRIBLE the circumstance seemed, the blessing I received in the end was actually that much greater. Please Trust that when things seem to be falling apart they are actually coming together. If you try & stop change you will actually manifest yourself & your life to be stagnant. You will have to keep repeating the same lessons or scenarios until you have overcome them. No matter what your situation is or how terrible or detrimental it seems, I assure you it’s bringing you blessings you would never have dreamed of. As long as you go with it, surrender it over to your higher power & let this force that is so much greater than you & wants happiness for you just as much as you want it for yourself, take care of things. You will not be given a problem without the ability to overcome it, & you will not be given a problem that is not ultimately going to make you a better or happier person. If you always remember this, you see, there is NEVER a reason to worry:)


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