Surrender to the “What Is” Will Bring True Happiness

Happiness is not a by-product of getting money, a car, a spouse etc… Happiness is a by-product of acceptance. Only when you have truly accepted yourself, accepted what is happening in your life etc.. can you feel happiness. Acceptance=Surrender=No conflict=happiness. No this does not mean to accept being in a situation that is detrimental to your soul or well being.. it means accept that part of you that brought you to this situation in the first place. You have attracted every situation, person, life circumstance etc.. into your life for a reason. Either to teach you something about yourself so that you can heal something and move forward or as a blessing or answer to a prayer. You must accept yourself completely and totally and be honest with yourself if you ever want to move past anything. Only awareness, acceptance, and surrender can bring healing. Remember: What you resist persists. So let’s say for instance you feel extreme envy or jealousy, you start getting thoughts of anger and jealousy and you try to push them out of your mind, you judge yourself or call yourself names for having such thoughts thereby making them happen more! Jealousy stems from fear, Hatred or more fear does not eliminate fear. The only thing that eliminates fear is LOVE. You cannot fight darkness with more darkness, only light will dispel the darkness. So next time you are having thoughts that you do not care for, don’t try to push the thoughts away. Let them go.. allow yourself to feel as angry or frustrated as you want with the inner knowing that these “thoughts are not YOUR thoughts” they are merely thoughts, Let them go and after they are done, tell yourself “I love myself no matter what”. Tell your anger or envy or sadness or whatever it is that you are aware of it and you love it. At this point the conflict ceases to exist. Where there is no conflict, there is no suffering. Have an awesome day!!!

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