Only You are Responsible for Your Own Happiness

When you find yourself getting offended often by what people say or what people do, this is the perfect time to look inside and ask yourself: “Why is it my automatic reaction to feel defensive, offended, or get angry at someone?” Your reactions to things are NEVER about the other person. While our ego’s would LOVE for us to believe that NOTHING is our fault, that every time it feels hurt or offended that it is always because someone else has done something… that is simply not the case. How people treat you is their doing, but how you react is yours. When you find yourself wanting to jump to anger as your first “defense mechanism”, that is the time to go inside and say to yourself “who or what is it that I’m REALLY mad at?” If you really dig deep you will see the answer is always yourself. To some, this may sound like a terrible idea, to blame yourself for everything, But in reality it is the MOST EMPOWERING thing you can ever do for yourself. While you ARE responsible for your own misery, you are also responsible for your own HAPPINESS. This is great news! This means everything you need you already have! It’s all a matter of a change in perspective. So the minute you start pointing the finger at another to blame them for your bad mood, misery, fit of anger, sadness, depression, etc… see that there are 3 fingers pointing back at you. Meditate on the REAL reason you feel upset.. that awareness is where healing starts. Being honest with yourself is the ONLY thing you can do to better your life, lying to yourself will bring no long term benefit. YOU ARE AMAZING! Have a great Sunday!!

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