If you don’t feel appreciation & gratitude for what you already have, the universe doesn’t respond by saying “oh, he/she isn’t happy with what they’ve got, let’s give them MORE, THEN maybe they will feel happiness”. No, actually, it works the other way around. It actually takes AWAY what you have & puts you in a seemingly worse situation, so that THEN you think “wow, I wld really like to be back where I was. I should’ve been grateful when I had all that…”. Hopefully @ this point things get put into perspective for you, you realize things could be worse, & you start to be grateful. THEN the universe responds by giving you MORE to be grateful for. But, if you respond by being mad at god “how could u do this? Now I’m really unhappy”… Guess how the universe responds? It takes THAT away, & places you in an even WORSE situation. This will all keep happening as long as you don’t appreciate what you’ve got. If you are not humble, the universe will humble you. And if you’ve had to be humbled by the universe, consider yourself lucky. Bc only when you have been humbled do you get to see who & what is REALLY important in life. And you realize all those things you thought u needed & couldn’t live without, were all part of the “illusion”, & never what was really important. Moral of the story: find something, ANYTHING every single day to be grateful for… Things could ALWAYS be worse  I love you guys

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