Trying to Control Circumstances Will Prevent The Power of the Universe from Being Able to Help You

Sometimes all you can do is ask for a divine intervention… And this is actually the perfect spot to be in. Our ego’s want to make plans, worry, stress, etc… of how it’s going to solve the problem, but little do we know that all that worry/stress, criticism of ourselves is actually PUSHING the solution farther and farther away! The universe matches your vibration, so if you’re vibrating at the frequency of “I have such and such problem. It is so terrible, what will I do? I have to do something, so I will worry constantly about such and such problem…” What do you think the universe will bring you? More worry. It’s only when you have ACCEPTED the “problem” and SURRENDERED it over to your higher power, that God is then able to step in and solve the problem for you. God gives us free will, which means that if we want to live our lives thinking that WE are running the show, God will let us, but the minute we ask for help and say “I can’t do this anymore, Please step in for me” God will gladly do it. But you must surrender the problem over to him first. Surrender, Acceptance, and Gratitude that God is taking care of the problem (gratitude even BEFORE the problem has technically been solved) will manifest as something to accept and something to be grateful for. Everything is energy, think thoughts that make you feel happy, say things that make you feel happy. Does stressing make you happy? When you FEEL good, you will manifest more good. Have an awesome day!!

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