The Ego is Constantly Judging and Comparing

Anytime you sit in judgment of another person, you compare yourself or your life to someone else’s, you criticize them or yourself, you let doubt/fear hold you back from doing or saying something you really want to, you hold on to a person or a thing or a job much longer than you should b/c of the fear of the unknown or fear or change, THAT is ego. It’s all part of the “illusion”. Your ego has a superiority complex, and sometimes an inferiority complex… it wants to compare and contrast and think of every reason why it is separate and different than another person…. it wants to take you away from the truth. And the truth is… we are all ONE. Next time you meet someone, watch how your ego immediately wants to make a judgment on them. Maybe you are judging their looks, or their job, or the way they talk, or their age.. it doesn’t matter if the judgement is good or bad, but just notice how you are constantly judging others. Know that whatever “judgement” you have made up in your mind about that person is PURELY your perception (based on your past programming), and is not the TRUTH. As long as you don’t believe the little judging voice in your head that so desperately wants your attention and wants you to believe that that is YOU, when you stop believing it, the thoughts slowly but surely stop coming. When you live in the present moment, details don’t matter. You don’t care about the “labels” your mind is trying to come up with in order to place judgment on another person, bc in the present moment you only see what is REAL, which is nothing. This is all an illusion… the labels aren’t real. Stop being so serious… have fun… try to love people, say something nice to someone, spread LOVE and positivity, and most of all DON’T BE SO HARD ON YOURSELF…you are PERFECT, start to say to yourself: “I love myself no matter what”… and watch how you can feel your energy shift. I love you guys

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