Surrender to your Ego

Don’t fight your ego.. Accept it, LOVE it, surrender to it. The point isn’t to “get rid of” the ego, the point is to accept it in such a way that it realizes it has no power over you. When you get a “negative” thought, or feeling, instead of condemning it, trying to push it away or judging yourself for having the thought.. Instead say the words “I love you too”, to the thought. To love something is the ultimate surrender. And when you surrender to something, there is no longer a conflict.. The war ceases to exist.. This is what it means when they say “surrender your problems into God”. You cannot get rid of negativity with MORE negativity, fear does not get rid of fear. So when you have thoughts that you know are not good for your well being, tell the thought you love it, & you will feel your entire energy shift. What will the ego do if you are not fighting with it anymore? It can do nothing, once you have surrendered… Think about it  I love you guys 

One Comment

  1. Jetze

    What do you think of the ego is your inner pet? Love it but control it. Train it and be it’s master. Was it in that movie the Golden compass that every human had a animal twin and companion? That would be a great metaphor for the ego. If the ego is your inner pet then mine would be a turtle! Hahaha. What animal would be your ego?



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