How do you Measure Happiness and Success?

The problem is people are sacrificing their health in order to “get ahead”. They are willing to eat unhealthy b/c it’s quicker, they are willing to miss out on much needed sleep b/c they need to jam pack their day with “stuff” to do, they are willing to be constantly stressed In order to make as much money as possible. How do you measure success? What needs to happen in your life for you to truly feel like you have “made it”? Is it the number on a computer screen telling you your account balance? If your measure of success has nothing to do with finding inner peace, discovering your souls purpose, inviting spirituality into your life, becoming closer to God, or becoming healthy physically, mentally, & spiritually…you are on the wrong track. Really ask yourself, what is important in life? Is money worth feeling sick & stressed? Ambition is wonderful & wanting to be successful & rich is great, but just know that your health (mind/body/spirit) is your REAL wealth. When you live a life of helping others, using your god given talents to the best of your ability, not only will you bless others… But you will also bless yourself in ways you never dreamed possible. And doing work that utilizes your talents will manifest wealth for you as well… Make a list of what things you “value” in life. I guarantee none of them will be able to be achieved by worry, stress, judging others, feeling superior to others etc… And if they can, that may be a sign you need to check your ego. There’s a higher power that loves you so much.. More than you can ever know… Get closer to this higher power, therein lies the secret to happiness  I love you guys 

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