Lose Your Attachment to External Circumstances

The trick is to lose your “attachment” to a specific thing or outcome. You may start thinking..” I need to be rich in order to REALLY feel happy”, “I need to be married, in order to REALLY feel happy”, “I need to lose weight/gain weight in order to REALLY feel happy”, “I need to drive that kind of car in order to REALLY feel happy”, but when you think this way, the message you are sending to the universe is that YOU are not enough. That this “happiness” lies outside of yourself in an object, or an event, or a person. That you yourself are not enough, & you become attached to the notion that “once this happens”, or ” once I get that”, THEN I will have happiness. What you are actually doing when u do this is alluding your happiness, and repelling the exact thing you are trying to manifest. Remember the universe MATCHES your vibration, when u are constantly in a state of “want” & “lack” the universe sends u MORE want & lack. Know this: you are ALREADY that which you seek. “Attachment” stems from fear, a fear of “if this does not happen I can not be happy”, fear will NOT help you achieve anything. Only love can do that. So love yourself right now, exactly where you are in life, exactly who you are in life, don’t judge yourself. Everything is happening & unfolding EXACTLY as it should. When a judgemental or critical thought comes up, simply observe it as nothing more than a trick of your ego & don’t feed into it. It’s not true. Approach life from the intention of love, ESPECIALLY when dealing with yourself. When you love yourself you will attract other people & situations that are in alignment with you  you’re amazing, have a beautiful day!


  1. Steven

    Just found your blog from RiseEarth. Great reading so far thank you so much 🙂
    I have been into this knowledge( Universal Information) for sometime and I feel it all really help me heal from having a brain tumor a few years ago.
    Much Love

      1. Steven

        I made a few short videos on YouTube talking about my experience. I wanted to just say a few things unedited and that’s what came out. Also finishing a documentary on pain medication and heroin.

        Connect with me simplifylife11@gmail.com

        I would like to make some more videos talking about very similar articles that you have.
        We speak very a very similar language and it’s really good to connect with you!

        Always love

  2. alifethatyoulove

    Just watched your video, and yes I am verrrrrry passionate about the fact that we as humans have the ability to heal our own bodies through natural and holistic methods 🙂 I will email you to chat more, and good for you for speaking out about this topic

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