Your Struggle will be Your Greatest Blessing

At a certain point you will realize that your “struggle” has actually been your greatest blessing. And when this happens you will have no other choice than to be completely and utterly grateful for your life and anything you’ve had to overcome. The more darkness you have seen or had to endure, just makes the light THAT much more amazing. So never ever get down on yourself or compare your life or your struggle to other peoples. The harder things seem to be, it’s only bc god has given you the potential to be THAT much happier when things finally switch for you. If you’ve never had to experience hard times & struggle would you REALLY be able to be grateful for your life when things start to go good for you? Probably not. Everything is always ALWAYS a blessing or blessing in disguise. The universe WANTS to give you what u desire, don’t think for one second that you don’t deserve happiness & everything you have ever wanted out of life. It’s simply not true. You are amazing, you are love, have an awesome day:)


  1. Doug

    I am currently going through a very dificult divorce where my sons mother has resorted to using him as a weapon against me. It is extremely dificult to have such a pure love for someone, such as a young child, and have to stand by and watch them suffer while a “pain body” uses the legal system to inflict emotional trauma and pass on their baggage to the next generation.

    I will say however, that I have never appreciated his presence so much as I have now. I am also much more driven to further my career and follow through with meditation and achieving other goals so as to embody the traits that I believe help to produce a beautiful and peaceful balanced life.

    1. alifethatyoulove

      Good for you 🙂 the only person you can concern yourself with is yourself, no matter how much it hurts to see your sons mother act this way. Your son will appreciate your presence as much as you appreciate his 🙂

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