God is Everything

God isn’t a seperate entity “outside” of ourselves. The frequency of god is inside every single one of us. In fact all there IS is God. God is the end all be all, meaning that every single person, flower, fish, tiger, blade of grass IS god, just manifest in different forms. Think of it like this: let’s say the entire universe, every planet, person, cloud etc.. Was made of cheese. Yes the cheese was shaped in different forms but nonetheless, at it’s core, it was still a piece of cheese. If EVERY SINGLE THING was made of cheese, would anyone “know” what cheese was? No, bc they would have NOTHING else to compare it to. If every single thing was made of this one thing, no one would know any different so no one could “conceptualize” cheese, bc cheese is all there is. This is how god is, he’s everything, in everything etc.. Only our human minds have tried to “conceptualize” god & our egos have made us think god is somewhere “out there”… You are God, I am God, nature is god, and so forth. Try to see the divinity that is your life! When you see things from this standpoint, you realize how meaningless our petty little problems & stresses are. Resonate with the “god” that is inside you, and look for the “god” inside others. Things become much more magical that way  You are so amazing, have a day of GRATITUDE!!


  1. Complete

    Really good job explaining a way to “hold” the unexplainable. There is deep medicine in teaching from this perspective. I appreciate it on behalf of many.

    I just found your blog Nikki and am inspired and grateful.

    My partner and I host a weekly podcast on abundance that goes out to a community we’ve co-founded that is creating the “World of Plenty”. You may be a great guest so I wanted to reach out and see if you have interest in sharing your insights in podcast format?

    Didn’t see any way to contact you on the site other than a comment 🙂 My email is rob at massmosaic.com

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