Peacefulness is our Natural State, Not Stress

Don’t get caught up in the illusion that it’s “normal” to be stressed all the time. Society makes us believe we must always be busy, tired and stressed, in order to be living a “fulfilling” life. And it’s so not true. Our natural state is peacefulness, calm & happiness. When you’re having a good day instead of getting worried that you’re NOT worried, just sit in the feeling if gratitude that today or even this moment, you have absolutely NOTHING to stress out about. The thing that helps me is my inner “knowing” that there IS a higher intelligence that always has my best interest at heart. And at the core of my being I AM this higher intelligence, manifest in human form for a while. I see all of your guys’ posts about what u are grateful for, and today I’m grateful that all my fb friends have something to be grateful for  each and every one of you is special & unique, & came here with a purpose & a light to shine. So thank you for sharing your stories of gratitude.. They all make me smile  have an awesome night:)

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