The Universe is at Your Command

Think of it like this: the universe is constantly trying to prove its existence to you by manifesting whatever “belief” you have about it. So if you believe life is boring, life is hard, that you are a victim of your circumstances, nothing ever works out for you… The universe says “ok great! The belief is that life is terrible and hard so that’s exactly the type of situations that I will produce“. It wants you to be in communion w/ it, so it brings you whatever your thoughts/beliefs command it to. The physical world is a print out of what is happening internally! So on the other hand if you believe life is wonderful, magical things happen, miracles occur everyday, the universe, obviously wanting to do whatever you say, brings just that. Look at your deep rooted beliefs about life & yourself, even, if there’s anything off just change the thought pattern, it’s as easy as that  you are so much more powerful & amazing then you know  have a wonderful day!

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