Energy will Manifest… Whether Good or Bad

Your thoughts are your communication with the universe/god. Whatever your predominant thoughts are is what will manifest itself in your life. But.. The IMPORTANT thing to realize here, is that the universe ONLY deals in energy. So basically it makes no discernment whether you WANT something or DON’T want something, it only sees where all the energy is & then manifests that thing. Point being: focus on what you want, instead of on what you DON’T want. The more energy you give to your fears, you are actually ENERGIZING them into existence! And the most important tip is to realize: God/the universe ALWAYS KNOWS BEST. So if there is something you’ve been trying to manifest that you are not getting, there may be certain lessons that your soul needs to learn before it can get these things, or there may be something BETTER for you in store. The most important thing is to not constantly think “I want this, I want that”., “want” implies lack, which manifests as MORE WANT. You must behave and act as If you ALREADY HAVE the thing you want, thank god for it as If it has already happened, then the universe will have NO CHOICE but to match to your frequency & send you what you “want”. Become (internally) the person who already has the thing you are trying to manifest.. You are such a powerful being of creation, you MUST believe in magic for magic to happen to you  have an awesome day!!


  1. rachymd

    I find this one a challenge in one particular area. I am seeking to manifest the perfect new home to fit my expanding brood into. The trouble starts as soon as I walk through the door and start tripping over things. It is very hard to think as if I have the extra space and storage that I’m trying to manifest when everywhere i go are reminders that I don’t. I’m working on removing as much as possible to make the place more conducive to my manifestation, but as yet no joy. Any tips?

    1. alifethatyoulove

      Try to focus on the good things about the place you are in now, or focus on the gratitude of that you have a place at all, (some don’t even have that luxury). The universe has already heard your intention (getting the new and bigger place) so now all you need to do is allow it to come, by staying in an energy of gratitude that it is, or already has even. When you act as if you are already there, the universe will have no choice to manifest it, hope this helps! 🙂

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