Happiness from Inside Out

Happiness can and will only come when you find inner peace, and love within yourself. You may make a million dollars, have an amazing car, husband, wife whatever.. But if you’re not truly truly happy on the inside, NOTHING will ever feel quite right. It will always feel like something’s missing, our mistake is looking outside of ourselves for happiness. When you’re happy on the inside your happiness can never be taken bc it’s not an object, objects can be taken, relationships can end, but you yourself can never be taken from yourself. So, Appreciate simple pleasures in your day to day life, hang out with positive people who empower you & make you feel good about yourself, try to be as healthy as possible, spend time outside whenever possible, read books & learn about the world, be kind to people… Is life really really worth living if you’re just stressed out all the time?? I should hope not. You are so amazing.. Have an awesome day!!

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