Clearing Unresolved Emotions

It’s so important to meditate on a regular basis or do some sort of “releasing” of emotions. Every negative or discordant thought gets stored in your cells and over time, constant negative emotions which could be considered “stress” or “worry” by this point, will have no choice but to manifest as illness or disease, or panic attacks even. Any “unresolved emotions” will demand attention eventually, if you try to stuff them down & avoid dealing with them. By practicing meditation you are then able to resolve discordant thinking & feel an emotion to completion rather than pushing it away pretending it’s not happening. Remember: your thoughts are not the real you, and your thoughts are not real even! When a negative thought arises observe it as nothing more than a trick by your ego & let it pass without “feeding into it”.. Have a beautiful day, you are so amazing!  #meditation #unblockchakras

One Comment

  1. Marianne

    I am ready to expect good things in my life. I am ready to release negativity. I have gained the tools to help me accomplish this. Your posts really, really help me. Thank you with all my heart!

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