Life is but a Dream

Do you know how in a dream you don’t realize you’re dreaming, & while the dream is going on you’re completely immersed in it & it seems completely real until the second you wake up @ you’re like “oh.. That was just a dream!” And then you see whatever emotion you were feeling in the dream was silly bc it wasn’t even real in the first place… Well that is exactly what is happening to you right now,Β in the 3d physical realm that you believe you exist in, in this present moment. Most people don’t realize they are “asleep” so to speak, so there is no point of blaming them or pointing the finger at them for their constant stress & worry about their perceived “problems”, bc like the dreamer in the dream.. They truly BELIEVE this is real. For those of us who have experienced the first signs if our spiritual awakening process we are starting to see through the illusion of this world, & realize our thoughts, beliefs, & perceptions are creating the world as we go along, that being a victim of circumstances is only a mind set & is only true if you BELIEVE it is true. Coming to terms w/ these realizations isn’t easy especially bc it’s soooo easy to get caught up in the dramas of the world, which will sometimes make us forget what is REALLY going on here. It takes practice.. Meditating, reading, learning, self awareness, surrounding yourself with positive uplifting people will help you in this process. And if this post sounds completely crazy or confusing, it’s only bc you’re not there yet, & thats ok, but don’t worry.. One day you will be, & you will realize.. There was never anything to worry about in the first place.


  1. Abeer Kashmeeri

    I believe what you are saying and am starting on this spiritual awakening myself. It is a difficult road that needs more reading, more meditating and more believers. Great Articles, i am reading through all of them and feeling more empowered with my spirit. Read my published article . Would love you to comment on it. Thanks

  2. faisalrkhan

    Hello, Just read your article “How to Find Yourself through Your Perception of Others”. Great piece and thought provoking. Is there a way I can email you.
    Thank you.

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