They are Not the Problem, You Are

No one can MAKE you feel any certain way, if you don’t choose to. So many people are walking around thinking that other people are doing things TO them, while not realizing that they are the ones generating their own thoughts, feelings and perspectives on a situation. What a frustrating life to lead… to think that other people are in control of your emotions so much that any slip up by them will have the power to make you mad, sad, depressed, or even happy. When you root yourself in your own awareness and consciousness, you are able to see past the judgments of “good” or “bad” or “right” and “wrong”, and allow things to just be. It doesn’t mean you’re perfect always, but you allow your feelings and emotions to guide you into self awareness. You know that when you’re immediate reaction to things is anger, that your consciousness is showing you something you need to work on inside of YOURSELF, not something you need to change about another person. Try and put yourself in another person’s shoes, try and see things from their perspective too instead of only focusing on your OWN perspective as the absolute, ultimate truth. Your perspective is just that… YOUR perspective. It may not apply to everyone. You think you are punishing other people by getting mad at them calling them names or screaming or getting revenge on them etc…, but you are only punishing yourself. Stress, anger and frustration will punish you more than it will punish them, because you are the one who has to live with the low vibratory energies running through your system. Start looking at life through a broader perspective, everyone is operating from their own “truth” and this realization makes it so much easier to move through life and get along with other people. 🙂


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  1. Jetze

    The way we see other people is like a dog looking into a mirror. When the dog gets scared of the dog in the mirror it will show it’s teeth and gets a confirmation that the dog in the mirror can’t be trusted. When the dog feels playfull it sees the other dog wagging it’s tail. The dog does not have the consiousness to see that it is itself it sees in the mirror.

    When you reflect on other people you see them in a mirror. What do you see? A friend, an enemy? Or do you have the consiousness to see that we are all ONE?

    In fact, When we reflect on all of creation, we look into a mirror. What do see? Do you have the consiousness what you see is really you, creation itself?

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