If It Has the Power to Anger You, There is a Part of You That Believes It Is True

Anything that is able to bring about a negative emotional reaction from you, whether it be anger, frustration, annoyance, criticism etc… is a sign that there is an issue w/ yourself (your ego) that needs to be addressed. Nothing that you don’t deep down somewhat believe will be able to bring about a negative reaction. The ego, in attempting to self-preserve, will try to blame the anger on the behavior of the other person. Next time something really brings up anger or rage or annoyance in you (and that includes people, groups of people, or maybe a past event), instead of blaming them, ask yourself “what part of my ego is offended by this? Where am I holding on to an attachment about my sense of self that this person threatens?” This is one of the toughest habits to get in when you start on the path of self awareness. But the positive aspect of always pointing the finger back on yourself is this: A. You work through emotions much quicker, bc you actually deal with them yourself instead of expecting someone else to change THEIR behavior in order for YOU to be happy. B. there is a level of consciousness that exists where you see everything as perfect just as it is. You stop judging things as “right” or “wrong” and easily accept things as they are. This stems from accepting yourself as you are, when you accept yourself & believe in your own power to control your life you stop being angry & afraid that other people are taking away your freedom. Remember, only the ego can get mad, or be offended or be pissed off. So these emotions ALWAYS stem from your illusory “sense of self”, use these emotions as a perfect guide to where you still need work on YOURSELF. You will empower yourself in amazing ways when you choose to “Blame” your OWN ego for the emotions you have, not other people/places/things. Have an amazing Sunday!!


  1. Paul Heitmeyer

    If everything was perfect just as it is, then there would be no desire to change things for the better, or to enhance ourselves and improve our condition, both individually and as a species. I’m not quite following this one.

    1. alifethatyoulove

      Well the journey of coming back to our divine perfection gives our soul something “to do” if you want to use that term in this life. The whole point of us coming here and forgetting our real divine nature (consciousness), is so that the god source can experience a reality where it forgets that it is itself. God (source) whatever you want to call it, is infinity and experiencing infinite possibilities, so why not experience a reality in which it comes into a life playing a character, where that character has no idea that it is really ‘god’? The whole shift of consciousness, “the golden age”, “paradigm shift”, “unity consciousness”, “fifth dimensional reality” (some of the other names for what is happening on our planet right now), is where we are actually coming back into alignment with the ‘truth’ of who we really are, which is divine perfection. But it is a process, we as humans have built and formed lots of belief systems, fears, and judgments of ourselves and others that prevent us from seeing the divine perfection in all things. The journey of life (and some don’t even achieve it in this lifetime) is how the human being awakens to the truth, becomes the light (enlightened) and realizes it was always perfect, it only believed it wasn’t. All things happen in perfect timing though. Things make sense exactly in the moment they are supposed to for your individual journey…

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