The Lesson Lies in Your Perception

Very often we come across situations in life or people that make us ask, “Why is this happening to me??!” Well, there is always a lesson to be learned… and the lesson lies in your perception. How you perceive a situation or a person is the answer to the question. For example, let’s say you get fired from your job. Your perception of the situation is anger, resentment, and a “how could they do this to me” point of view. In this instance, one must A. accept the ‘what is’- which is that they were fired. This is the fact, and this is the only thing that is true, even though our ego would like to build up a story about the “why” it happened, for instance, we may start saying to ourselves, “The boss is an idiot, they were jealous of me & they knew I knew more than them, so they fired me” or you may say, “Ughhhh, I can’t get anything right! I must have done something wrong and they fired me”…. both stories are the ego’s way of reinforcing a deep rooted belief, by building up it’s own reason in our minds. However, it may not be true. Or it may be true. We really do not know for sure. So if we stay focused on the ‘what is”, we learn the art of accepting a situation as it is. The next thing we are required to do in order to extract the “lesson” from any given event, is to really pay attention to these stories our ego is saying. Are the stories reinforcing a belief that we are too good, or that we aren’t good enough, or that others are out to get us, etc… These “stories” are the indication to what we need to work on. They all stem from a fear that needs to be confronted. Most likely in a situation such as a lost job, the fear would be that we are not worthy, that we are invaluable or that we are not ‘good enough’. Since our ego doesn’t want to see itself as the “problem”, it will start blaming the company, the boss, another co-worker etc… Or, maybe our ego is the one that always sees itself as the problem, in a case of a “low-self esteem” ego. In this instance our ego may take everything personally & it always assumes fault as the reason for any trouble in our lives. In either case, our perception of a situation is the indicator as to something we need to work on, a place that we are holding on to some fear. The only answer is to love ourselves unconditionally… love even the part of us that fears not being enough, not being valuable, or the one that fears others being jealous of them or that fears shining it’s light too bright. Once we have loved the part of us that is afraid, the fear can no longer bother us. At this point we can start transmuting the fear back in to high vibration love energy. We must stay focused on the “what is”… Even if the ‘what is” is that we are afraid to vulnerable, we are afraid to trust, whatever it may be. Only in complete and utter honesty with ourselves are we able to get to the root of our issues. Once we start resonating more in love instead of fear, we will find that our lives start to flow more smoothly. We can handle life’s ups and downs as they come without too much resistance and we also find that we were in fact not running our lives at all. There is always a higher intelligence at work, one that is trying to move us forward at the fastest rate possible. In the complete trust of this higher intelligence, we realize that even though some situation may look bad on the outside, something good ALWAYS comes from any perceived bad event. Our only task is to keep being honest with ourselves, keep loving ourselves UNCONDITIONALLY, and trusting that we will always be moving forward as long as stop resisting life as it comes. Lessons are moved through at lightning speed once we start to become acutely aware of how our ego processes each situation… The lesson lies in your perception.


  1. ArtTherapyGirl

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    If you are frustrated, depressed, feel like you are constantly getting the short end of the stick or otherwise dissatisfied with your life, an adjustment in the way you perceive and react to things may be in order. Life is made up of moments strung together that create our own unique versions of reality. How we immediately react to those moments and how we later perceive the manner in which events unfolded influence our future decisions, reactions and interactions with the others and world around us. We shape our reality by the manner in which we choose to perceive things. Perception is a choice not a reality. Our perception of reality is shaped by a number of things (how our brains process information, our manner of thinking and rationalizing, how emotive we may be in response to specific situations, etc.). We can change the way we perceive our reality by modifying the way we think and how we react to the things that happen throughout our day-to-day lives. I don’t remember where I heard it so I apologize for not being able to cite my source for this quote: “life is 10% what happens to us and 90% how we respond”. I couldn’t agree more.

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    1. alifethatyoulove

      Well in all actuality there’s really no ‘better’ or ‘worse’, because everyone’s journey is tailor made for them. But I guess the point I was trying to get across is the value of honesty (with ourselves) in the eyes of the universe. I think everyone can agree that having to revisit the same “lessons” over & over is never fun. And the only thing we are ever “required” to do to unravel belief systems or heal emotions is just be honest about them. “I’m really angry about this & I don’t know how to get over it.” The more vulnerable and honest & HELPLESS we become we move ourselves into a state of surrender. Surrender is the green light to the universe (the divine within us) to come through and solve all problems on our behalf. But I do agree that some people may see certain “themes” in their lives a little harder to get through while others move through them quite easily. But from an egoic “must reach the finish line faster” perspective, then trying to get through things at “lightning speed” would not be beneficial. Our spiritual journey is not a competition or contest that we are trying to win, but rather a process that unfolds that will unfold easier & less painful the more we accept every stage as is & the more willing to be vulnerable we are 🙂 thank you for commenting!!

  2. Amanda

    Why do we want to move forward at the fastest rate possible? Is lightning speed the best approach to spiritual upgrades? Just curious your thoughts…

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