Your Approval of Yourself is All that is Required

Your validation, approval, and acceptance of yourself should be your number one priority. When we look to others to tell us how “good” we are or how “worthy” we are, we set ourselves up for disappointment. Not everyone will love us, not everyone will hate us, but that is not for us to be concerned with. Another person’s opinion of you is none of your business. The more we UNCONDITIONALLY love and approve of ourselves, we find that we naturally stop giving power to others to make us feel any “less than”. As we become completely rooted in our own self assurance and confidence we find that we start to attract other people who not only love and accept themselves, but also love and accept us for who we are. If we see that everyone we meet is mirroring back to us aspects of ourselves, we see that in our own complete love of our self we meet others who are reflecting back to us this belief. Not only that, but when we realize that other people we meet are only operating from their OWN individual perception of reality, and that the way they see us has nothing to do with us, but is merely an indication of their own relationship with themselves, we stop taking things personally. People will treat us the way they feel about themselves, and our level of love and acceptance of ourselves will determine whether or not we choose to put up with their treatment of us. When we love ourselves, we naturally gravitate away from those who treat us in a manner that is not conducive to the acceptance and unconditional love we have shown ourselves. There’s only one person to focus on… YOU! The sooner we love all of our perceived “negative” aspects or “shortcomings”, is the sooner that we are able to work through them and they no longer bother us. The ego cannot taunt us with our own flaws if we have surrendered to them, accepted them, and we have loved ourselves anyway…


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