The World is Only Reflecting Back to You What You Are


Have you ever noticed that happy, peaceful people seem to see a world that is becoming more loving, accepting and open minded? And people who seem to be negative or are always complaining about things seem to be convinced that this world is “going to hell in a handbasket.” Why do you think that is? What many do not realize is that the world is only a reflection of our inner world. The more shadow we have in our emotional and mental body the more shadow we see in the world. You can quite literally measure how well you are doing in your spiritual journey or personal development by focusing on your perception of the world and of others. When our light within grows we stop resonating with the “shadow” parts of the world and actually don’t see things from this perspective any longer. While some may say this is, “turning a blind eye,” those who are more rooted in their light don’t see it as a complete denial of the darkness, but rather from a broader perspective which allows them to see the good and the divine in all things. From a higher and more loving level of awareness, people who are committing crimes or nations at war with one another are seen as cries for help from nations of people who are in so much suffering and pain that their only outlet is to fight with one another. However, even though the world is not yet “perfect” (whatever that means), Β we are discarding old energies through all of these travesties in the world. Nothing is happening that is not supposed to be happening. When we are more rooted in shadow we find ourselves at war with life, and approaching each moment as “this should NOT be happening,” it needs to STOP. When we are rooted in light and awareness we see that all things are happening FOR our benefit. In a benevolent universe, nothing happens that is not evolving us to the next stage of our spiritual growth and bringing us closer to unconditional love. Take the time today to reflect on what angers you about the world and others still. See how you might see this situation from a different perspective, or how the emotions brought up in you because of these situations are only your heart crying out for your own unconditional compassion and love for yourself. When we become the only thing we are concerned about, the world around us begins to change automatically.


  1. Barbara Franken

    I love your writing so soloist to mine… Divine sister… I found your recent article on fractal enlightenment great… I don’t have to write it now… He he… How do you get published on fractal enlightenment? Will be good to be friends here on WordPress and Facebook… Love to you, barbara

    1. alifethatyoulove

      Hi! Sorry for the late response, I am just getting around to answering some of my comments on here back. Glad to hear that my writing has resonated with you πŸ™‚ And I actually submitted some work to them and they liked it and now I am a monthly contributor. If you message them on facebook or their email is,, and submit some samples to them, I’m sure they would gladly take a look!

  2. Hunt for Truth

    Reblogged this on the Hunt for Truth and commented:
    What if (I ask this seriously) our minds are the surroundings? Happiness is a wondrous achievement that seeks us. Striving instead for pleasure is the greatest sin against one’s self. How shall I perceive this world? It’s my choice, isn’t it.

  3. Richard Boys

    Your writing is so clear and your topics so relevant. You are one of the best out there. Keep writing and I will keep reading and appreciating your efforts.

      1. smrak

        He has researched much of the same areas as you have. Soul growth, karma, reincarnation, ascension and the evolution of consciousness, ancient civilizations and new paradigms of matter and energy. He’s working on an upcoming Hollywood film, CONVERGENCE, that unveils the proof that all life on Earth is united in a field of consciousness. In addition, he has many whistleblower contacts within secretive organizations who want the truth about our existence here to be revealed.

  4. Reena

    Hi Nikki !
    Your posts are so thoughtful, uplifting and inspiring ! You put forth your ideas in such a beautiful way that it touches the depths of the soul . I have saved your page so that I can keep revisiting whenever I feel low, to draw inspiration from your posts . Looking forward to more from you . Thanks for writing so beautifully ! God bless you !

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