The only thing life is interested in…


“Life will give you whatever experience is most helpful for the evolution of your consciousness.”-Eckhart Tolle

What many people tend to forget or fail to realize even, is that life is only interested in one thing. There is only one single objective that guides every person’s life story and whether or not said person is privy to this objective, it doesn’t matter. The purpose behind the scenes remains the same no matter if you are a CEO of a billion dollar company, a stay at home mom, a garbage collector, living in an insane asylum, or living with a terminal illness. The purpose of your life and everyone you meet’s life is simply spiritual expansion. Becoming more spiritually evolved, or some could say, UNCONDITIONALLY loving, is the only story line at play. This is going to play out in an infinite number of ways and details and possibilities, which can be seen in the diversity of people living on this planet at any given time. God is pretending to not be itself, pretending to be you living a life where “you” come back to your true self (which is God.) This evolution of your consciousness plays out throughout lifetime after lifetime. Each lifetime one gets a little bit closer, a little bit more forgiving, a little bit more accepting, until eventually one meets wholeness (unconditional love.) Many people who are alive on the planet now are experiencing a fast forward on their expansion process because we are currently living in a time where earth is going through an ascension (higher dimensional consciousness is now available to humans whereas before there was only a select few who were tuned into this higher consciousness.) Anytime you are worried about your bills, your kids, your loved ones, fighting a war in your own mind, cursing the universe for putting you here going through whatever tribulations you are experiencing, remember this one thing: You are not here to see how much money you can make (although you have the ability if you choose to), you are not here to control how life goes (although once controlling things doesn’t matter conscious manifestation becomes more readily available), you are not here to make other people happy or more comfortable with who you are (although once you become so aligned with your authentic self you naturally draw out happiness in others), nor are you here to scold & discipline yourself into being “better,” (but you are here to love yourself into it), you are simply here to love and accept yourself so radically that you naturally align with the God that resides within you. The more one is in tune with the God within, the more expanded this person becomes and the more inner peace, & a harmonious existence ensues. It’s easy to get caught up in the trivialities of day to day life, we all do it from time to time, but relax, there is a much BIGGER story line at play in your life. Behind the scenes, supporting you, watching you, guiding you and loving you resides God only attempting to make itself known inside your heart.

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