Why worthiness is your way out of “settling” in life…


The truth is you can choose anything you want for yourself and your life. You can stay working at a job you hate for decades, in a relationship with a partner who doesn’t truly fulfill you for years upon years and living in environments that you don’t feel represent your truest self for your entire life. And the truth is that you will not be judged for it. At the end of your life when you drop the physical body (and this particular lifetime) the divine spirit will welcome you with open arms unconditionally. You will realize that you were/are always loved no matter what choice you made for yourself in this life.

However, there is a price for “settling.” When we settle for things to be, “good enough” or “bearable” or “liveable” there will always be a point we come to repeatedly in our journey where things don’t feel quite right. Emotions such as, discontent, anxiety, fear, unhappiness, and sadness will ensue. Our soul will tug at us continuously in hopes that it can help draw us on to the other side of fear and consequently into the life we truly deserve and one that we are quite capable of, if only we would stop believing this fear.

The universe is CONSTANTLY trying to communicate to us the guidance that will take us into our dream life. First, though, it must instill in us worthiness. The soul who lacks worthiness is also the one who decides to settle for “good enough.” When we come into alignment with our truest nature, which is that we are god him/her/itself in form, pretending to be a human being, we come to know that all things are possible. Does god need to overcome “worthiness?” Of course not!

Coming into alignment with worthiness is the prerequisite to following our dreams. The vibrational signature of a soul that feels worthy, and confident will draw out the actions and behaviors that lead this soul directly into the right place at the right time scenarios that become their highest divine destiny.

Worthiness is cultivated by loving ourselves NO MATTER WHAT. Which is good news because it doesn’t require you to be anything other than exactly as you are now in order to embrace it. The more time we spend loving ourselves, supporting ourselves, nurturing ourselves exactly as we are, the less inclined we feel to make the choices and decisions that are NOT in alignment with our “god-self.” It all happens as a natural by-product.

So you could say, the path to your most fulfilling reality is this: Love yourself no matter what, every emotion that comes, “I love you anger/sadness/joy/whatever,” This unconditional love soon begins to cultivate worthiness within. A being who feels loved, naturally will feel worthy. However, you can also begin to do affirmations that anchor this worthiness into your energetic field, “I am worthy worthy I am,” for instance. The cultivation of worthiness begins to point us into the choices and behaviors that are most reflective of this belief. A person who feels worthy will naturally treat their body, mind and spirit with respect and be attracted to the people, places and things that feel most aligned with them loving themselves. Then, watch as toxic situations are replaced with situations more aligned with love, joy, happiness and fulfillment!

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