The x-factor that determines fulfillment


While most of society still believes that the path to happiness is in the acquisition of external successes, material wealth, or relationships, the truth of the matter is there is an x-factor to “happiness” that many people don’t know. This x-factor determines whether or not our “blessings” are something that we truly enjoy and are fulfilled by, or whether they are something we are “afraid to lose,” or the next thing we are bored with and wish to trade in for the “newest model.”

The x-factor is alignment. Being in alignment happens as a direct result of coming into self-actualization, meaning we awaken into the realization that we are not our thoughts, we are not our things, we are not the number in our bank account.

Truth be told, how aligned a person is, is in direct proportion to how fulfilled they feel in their life. Being aligned is the difference between a billionaire who still feels depressed vs. one who appreciates their blessings but is unattached to them as their “identity.” Also, the difference between a “poor” person who feels as though they are a victim of circumstances, and are convinced that their life will never get better vs. one that appreciates the simple, small blessings in their life and uses their circumstances as the motivation to work for more and help others.

Life has an ironic way of shaking us into awakening. One path is that it gives us everything that we have ever wanted, only to show us that having everything means nothing if inside we are still holding on to judgments, criticisms, labels and unhealed emotions. The other path is that due to circumstances, or detrimental events we are forced to look for the deeper meaning of existence which consequently aligns us with self-love, worthiness, and the feeling of being unattached to “stuff” for happiness.

Neither way is right or wrong, just two ways life shows us the same universal truth. Whether you have found material manifestation simple and life has blessed you with more than enough, or whether you are coming to realize that beyond the rat-race of external success lies a deeper meaning to happiness, use this as an opportunity to always cultivate more self-love.

Each circumstance of life is always pointing us within either to heal an unhealed emotion or belief system, or to aligning us with gratitude that things are beginning to harmonize beyond our wildest dreams. As the great Bashar states, “circumstances don’t matter, only state of being matters.”

Knowing that external situations are in a constant flow of change (no matter how fast or slow that happens), and that all things that begin also come to an end shows us that the path to true fulfillment lies in never being attached to specific people, places or things for “happiness.” True fulfillment lies in appreciating and celebrating each blessing, or outcome as it comes without being so afraid for it to go that we cling to it for dear life.

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